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Pharmaceutical Solutions


With the increasing demand for the discovery and development of new safer medicines at a lower cost, manufacturers must keep space with the rapid growth of research and technology methodologies.

The current industry trends towards regionalization and personalization of treatment approaches have stepped up demand for faster, more efficient and increasingly flexible solutions. As a result, pharmaceutical manufacturing must continue to drive the need for tighter process controls, more thorough processes, and improved product understanding.

Having robust and powerful research instruments remains the priority for pharmaceutical companies particularly generic producers in the emerging markets as they need to achieve the highest possible productivity at the lowest possible costs.

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Leverage our solutions to discover new active ingredients, actives with synergetic effects, formulation technologies, product delivery and even new claims.

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Our solutions help you in studying the formulation development, theology, shear properties and viscosity on different textures.

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Solutions to optimize your production efficiency, ensure good manufacturing practice compliance and maintain consistent product quality.

We offer reliable and comprehensive laboratory equipment to support you in the production of effective and high-quality products.

At DKSH, we understand the challenges and the requirements for successful product development. We are a solutions provider who combines scientific instruments along with our expertise and experiences. We support our customers in sample testing, development and optimization of existing methods at each stage of the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing process.


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